About Us


Shannon Atkins is a Johnson and Wales College of Culinary Arts alum and a two-time winner of the Flavors of Wellington.  His delectable desserts as well as his mouthwatering food creations can be found in a variety of shops in West Palm Beach and he can be contacted for catering services.

Over the last few years, Big Mama’s House of Sweets has been able to expand and can now be found in many local venues around West Palm Beach. Our cakes are featured at: Cafe Sweets, Serenity Tea Garden, and More.

The Strawberry one that you made us was off the chain delicious!! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving’s apple!!” – Scott Armand

“This is the best cheesecake in the whole-wide world! Trust that my tastebuds are working and please be ready because I plan to order for myself and a few friends soon! Thank you Shannon for our delicious one of kind, Strawberries (fresh fruit), strawberry fruit drizzle, heavy (hits the bottom of your stomach type of goodness) cheesecake!” –  Christy Turnquist 

“Shannon we cannot thank you enough for the fabulous cake that you made for the ladies auxiliary! The shame of it is, that the crowd could not see the detail of the rainbow colors and all the layers inside the cake! I am already placing an order for Jonathan’s birthday cake with you! Again, the cake was beautiful!”-  Lee Edmondson 

“Super delicious! A huge variety to choose from as well, ranging from classic and traditional flavors to creative and inventive styles. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!”– Leah McAlister